Make to Mend Summer Coven

my proposal and plea is for us to immerse ourselves in this enchanted landscape and invoke an ambrosial make-to-mend (M2M) experience wherein we stitch, summon, and saturate sacred symbols of our mapped oracular and practiced personal mythology/cosmology onto silk and/or silk/wool blend kimono-style frocks, string bundle with foraged and found flora, fauna and botanicals, then cauldron dyeing our sacred shelter garments and wearing them in simple-ritual ceremony, suffusing them with auspicious songs and mystical poetic vibes from our summer stardust coven. 

i know. for real.

and this slow-stitch work will weave throughout our days, spiraling betwixt and between, leaving ample non-linear time for psychic receptivity/listening from deep within to the interior heart-illuminated space where oracles emerge, or for whatever else your honey-drenched heart desires. this work and experience is all access, meaning, you are being invited to approach it at whatever achievement or not that you have with sewing, stitching, handwork, etc. in other words, no experience is necessary to reap the myriad benefits of hand-making to heal. we will saunter, slowly and with curiosity, into the *vessel of our coven, which will hold us, our tenderized feelings, our raw emotions, our layered desires, our unfurled visions, and even our unconscious dreams, in an embrace of the feminine consciousness.


– 3 vegetarian meals a day with home grown or locally sourced food, alfresco style dining, starting 17th June evening

-Optional Vineyard tour and supper on the last night of the retreat 21st June

-snacks/drinks throughout the day

– Shared single bed accommodations

– Access to student kitchen

– Access to swimming pool

-Use two towels per person

-Optional use of reduced rate retreat car for local trips

-Optional reduced rate transfer from Bordeaux and Bergerac airports

-Optional reduced rate B and B 

Please contact Jennette directly to reserve your place: