Healing & Mentoring

I offer shamanic, distance and hands on healing and mentoring for individuals. 

“I’ve never had any kind of healing before and I really was not expecting it to work. However I have suffered with post traumatic stress syndrome for 10 years after a very traumatic birth experience. After the session I felt extremely tired, but within a few days I felt completely different like I was in my body again. My anxiety and stress disappeared and I felt like I had resolved something deep inside myself. It was extraordinary. I can’t thank Sarita enough.” Sylvie T

One to One Mentoring

I offer one to one mentoring in person or via the internet ( zoom or whats app) including tailor-made workshops on site here at SolHenge (see short courses) . As a ceremonial facilitator, meditation teacher and spiritual mentor I facilitate personal journeys for people into transformation. My passion is to bring an awareness and openings into peoples lives so that they can discover the truth of who they are. This I do by using embodiment practices from the ancient shamanic tradition of The lyceum coupled with womb wisdom, sacred movement, ceremonial and heart based manifestation techniques and meditation. I work with both men and women. My work is ever evolving and backed by new emerging science of quantum consciousness.  I endeavour to help people to understand that lasting empowerment, change and health come from reconnecting to the divine matrix within oneself and the unified field.  My passion is to teach techniques which can be embodied and practiced easily and simply in daily living in order to elevate consciousness, to master ones own mind and move beyond unconscious conditioned states of lower frequency. This then allows people the opportunity to come into lasting self awareness of higher vibrational states such as gratitude, forgiveness, clarity, compassion and happiness. And truly begin to comprehend their divinity and potential as a manifest creator.

Sessions last approx 1 hour. 

€75 per session

(for business mentoring please contact me for rates)

Please free free to contact me if you wish to discuss your needs and book your session.

Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is the most ancient of healing practices. An energy-based therapy. It is rooted in the knowledge that everything is energy and has a frequency. The shamanic practitioner sees all health or emotional issues as being connected to the loss or block of energy flow within the body. A shamanic practitioner has the skill set and tools to be able to manipulate energy, bringing it back into balance and return the client to wholeness. Shamanic healing works in both reality and non- ordinary reality and a practitioner is guided by all loving spirit during the session and may bring back advice or guides or gifts from the spirit realms for the client to aid them on their healing journey.

Some of the dis-eases that can be helped with Shamanic healing:

Clearing past trauma (physical and emotional)

Cutting ancestral ties to genetic disease or family patterns


Loss of energy

Emotional problems such as, depression, anger, self sabotage

Physical pain

Any physical disease or illness

Compromised Immune system

Distance Healing

As I work with the quantum field using energy it is not necessary to be face to face with a client to have a healing session. I often work with people in other countries and the healing is as powerful, sometimes even more so. My clients are often amazed at the synchronicities we both experience during these session. All of the above healings can be done from a distance.

Sessions last approx 1 hour plus and initial conversation to connect and discuss.

€90 per healing

Please free free to contact me if you wish to discuss your needs and book your session.

About me

My own journey started at the age of 4 when I spontaneously levitated. From that moment I understood that energy is everything. My life has subsequently been a series of explorations and evolutions from many backgrounds and teachings. I had another huge awakening when I contracted thyroid cancer at the age of 30. Using many of the alternative health and energetic healing techniques that I had discovered I concluded by curing myself wholly and permanently. These days I rarely even get a cold!

I hold sacred space to allow people to have access to their own healing energy and I also teach tools and practices that are easily integrated into our everyday lives so that we can fully embody the truth of who we are. I am a meditation teacher specializing in manifesting techniques and merging with the unified field. I  also facilitate sacred ceremonies for men and women wishing to explore the nature of the universe and experience their own healing.


“Sarita is an incredible teacher with fantastic knowledge, intuition, grace and kindness. I have profound regard for her and her work, she has helped me heal in ways I could never have imagined. Thank you so, so much Sarita.” Jacquelin.C

I went to Sarita for healing during a very traumatic divorce, I was suffering from depression and feeling very drained and hopeless. It was a very emotional healing where I felt much of my pain leaving my body afterwards I felt lighter, more positive, grounded and able to cope. I’ve since been back for more healing, and often see her when I’m feeling like I can’t cope, it always helps me tremendously. I would happily recommend her.” Rachel C.

“The healing sessions Sarita has given me have been turning points in my life. Giving me clarity, closure, strength, visions…. not all at the same time, but always providing me with the necessary energy balance and alignment. Sarita is a true professional, with whom I feel calm and confident. My 7 year old son has also benefited from Sarita’s amazing healing powers,. I have and will continue to recommend Sarita’s healing to one and all!”

Joanne C.

Sarita gave me healing during a very sad and stressful time in my life. I was surprised by the overwhelming emotion that the session brought out in me, afterwards I felt so much calmer, clearer and able to handle the upheaval in my life. It was as if my heart was lighter.  She also took my son who was 9 yrs old at the time on a shamanic journey to find his power animal to give him a coping mechanism and companion to get through my divorce which affected him deeply. He felt much better and less stressed as if he had a good friend to help him through.  He still uses his power animal in times of stress, and this is two years later… She has helped my family so much. “ Ross S

“I have had healing from Sarita a few times and it always helps me. I have problems with my mum and it got very bad to the point where social services took me away from her as it was not safe for me. When I began to live with my dad i felt safer and happier but then i begun to have nightmares every night about my mum and the monsters that came with her, scaring me. It was very bad, no one was sleeping because I waking everyone up because I was scared. Sarita made a special ceremony for me, it was an art healing ceremony and she helped me to erase all of my past fears and make a new path. The nightmares left that night and they have never come back.

Sarita also took me to meet my power animal over a year ago and this spiritual friend and guide has given me alot of protection and love when i felt that I could not cope with things. I think power animals are really great for people especially children.” Marine S