Manifesting Archetypes

An Unique Embodiment Experience

with Liz Granfort & Sarita Cameron

€695 all inclusive

This is a 4 day all inclusive retreat starting at 6:30 pm on the first day and finishing at 4 pm on the last day.

In each of us resides a wild and magical cast of characters, a world of compassionate energies just waiting to be discovered and connect us deeply with our wisdom, beauty, purpose and power.  

Working together, engaging the body with breath, will and imagination, we will surround ourselves in colours and textures designed to enchant the soul as we embrace the ancient and beautiful winds of the divine energies within and release old patterns that no longer serve.

Please join us for a unique embodiment experience that brings manifesting to a whole new level. Using totemic robes, mythical cloaks and power objects you will connect deeply with new aspects of self that desire to flow forward now and support your way of being in the world as the conscious creator that you are.

 These practices will allow you to embody and amplify chosen characteristics to enhance infinite aspects of yourself that will facilitate your manifestation process with more purpose and clarity. Learn how to work with the unlimited potential and collective dynamism of any archetypal consciousness from within the source field pulling them into your reality as the ultimate multidimensional tool for exciting creations.

Liz Granfort


Liz uses textiles, movement and words to create pathways for clients to explore personal mythology. Enchanted by story and the soul’s journey from a very young age, Liz has studied a range of traditions including Spiritual Psychology, Intuition, the Path of Pollen and Classical Shamanism, Coaching and Literature. For over 20 years, she has been integrating techniques from each of these traditions into her work with clients to help them understand how our personal stories can keep us stuck and that when we rewrite them, we move forward into fully manifesting our dreams.

Sarita Cameron


Sarita endeavours to help people to understand that lasting empowerment and change and health come from reconnecting to the divine matrix within oneself and the unified field.  Her passion is to teach techniques which can be embodied and practiced easily and simply in daily living in order to elevate consciousness, to master ones own mind and move beyond unconscious conditioned states of lower frequency. This then allows people the opportunity to come into lasting self awareness, higher vibrational states such as gratitude, forgivness, clarity, compassion and happiness. And truly begin to comprehend their divinity and potential as a manifest creator.


This is a 4 day retreat starting at 6:30 pm on the first day and finishing at 4 pm on the last day.

– 3 vegetarian meals a day with home grown or locally sourced food, alfresco style dining, starting 6:30 pm on the first evening

-snacks/drinks throughout the day

– Shared single bed accommodations

– Access to student kitchen

– Access to swimming pool

-Use two towels per person

-Optional reduced rate transfer from Bordeaux and Bergerac airports

-Optional reduced rate B and B one night either side of the retreat

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