The Divine Weave


A RETREAT with Sarita Cameron

888 euros

In this transformational experience you will be guided to wynd and weave your way between the worlds of ancient shamanism and futuristic quantum meditation, finally landing at the knot of present moment, heart centered alignment and flow.

Working with powerful techniques within the tradition of The Lyceum you will be given the opportunity to clear, cleanse and cut the ties to what no longer serves, releasing trauma and conditioned patterns of the past that are holding you back.

Through daily, meditative practices you will gather new threads of understanding about yourself and learn to connect deeply with the inner wisdom of your energy centers and the loving presence of source consciousness. Then from this center point of self realization you will be guided through the quantum field to become the embodied divine creator of your heart’s desire and re weave new purpose into your life.

This is an intimate retreat (maximum 12 participants) where you will be held in the womb of creation, without judgement and in unconditional love as you unfold into the best version of yourself.

I welcome you here with open arms….

This is a 5 day retreat starting at 6:30 pm on the first day then finishing at 4 pm on the 5th day.

Hi Sarita,

I am still digesting our stay at SolHenge and have to say that now every day is a such an unusual and wonderful experience. Its like getting a gift from you of super powers and so I am discovering what I can do with it….(Xmas every day or better-I feel like a young apprentice of Jedi knights ready to use my powers…ha 🙂

I just wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to your secret and magical place.
I am absolutely grateful for that experience. It did changed my life you know. I got a piece of my soul and joy to live again back. (which was sadly deep hidden, buried and forgotten)
I feel like I have entered to a new level of dimension of life…

And you lady lady lady achhhh what a extraordinary and powerful woman you are.
Definitely you have connections that go beyond this world.

So please count on me on the next retreat. With the same `hive` of ladies I can enter a new level of magic.

In the meantime a big hug to you ,

with love Monika


– 3 vegetarian meals a day with home grown or locally sourced food, alfresco style dining, starting 6:30 pm on the first evening

-snacks/drinks throughout the day

– Shared single bed accommodations

– Access to student kitchen

– Access to swimming pool

-Use two towels per person

-Optional reduced rate transfer from Bordeaux and Bergerac airports

-Optional reduced rate stay the night before and/or after your retreat

( go to for transport and extra night costs

To reserve your place please contact Sarita directly:


Sarita’s most recent training over the last 5 years has been at the  The Sacred Trust and deepening into the ancient European, gynocentric, shamanic path of learning called ‘the path of pollen’. This has given her vocation in life a clearer focus; To enlighten others that true healing and empowerment come from authentic connection to self and all that is. Her aim is to share her knowledge and evolution over the last 30 years so that others can benefit from the incredible magic of looking within and benefiting from their own inherent wisdom.

She runs SolHenge Retreat Center and also holds sacred space to allow people to have access to their own healing energy using various shamanic modalities. She teaches tools and practices that are easily integrated into our everyday lives so that others can fully embody the truth of who they are. She is a meditation teacher specializing in manifesting techniques and merging with the unified field. She also facilitates sacred ceremonies for men and women wishing to explore the nature of the universe and experience their own healing.

“Sarita is an incredible teacher with fantastic knowledge, intuition, grace and kindness. I have profound regard for her and her work, she has helped me heal in ways I could never have imagined. Thank you so, so much Sarita.” Jacquelin.C