A Shamanic Retreat

with Liz and Michelle

$1395, 6th Sept- 11th Sept 2019 

Come Sojourner,

Come bee with your sisters.

Together, we will dance and swim,

We will rest and play,

Soak up the wind and sun,

And we will be fed.

Within each of us is a desire to become fully ensouled — uniquely ourselves, fully expressed and embodied.  The tonality of that drive shifts throughout our lives, but is perhaps at its most acute as we move through the rights of passage that are Womanhood. Many of us experience these stages without truly embodying, acknowledging or being initiated into their potency and magic.

In the heart of exquisite Aquitaine, we invite you to join us on a four-fold journey where you will thread the needle of your personal Her-story.   Through archetypal expression and the exploration of stories surrounding feminine power, wisdom and embodiment, we will move through each of the four phases of our lives: Virgin, Mother, Queen and Crone to heal, reconnect and rewrite our stories.

Just as in nature we find cycles of four in the moon, the seasons and the cardinal directions, so we find the manifesting energy of four expressed in these stages of a woman’s life.  Together we will seek to bend time using ancient bee shamanic practices, ceremony and sacred robes to re-engage and honor these stages. Working in concert with nature, the elements, invisible ley lines and Gaia herself, we will call our very essence home, invoking the spirits of this land to light the way.


– 3 vegetarian meals a day with home grown or locally sourced food, alfresco style dining, starting 6th Sept evening

-Optional Vineyard tour and supper on the last night of the retreat 10th Sept

-snacks/drinks throughout the day

– Shared single bed accommodations

– Access to student kitchen

– Access to swimming pool

-Use two towels per person

-Optional use of reduced rate retreat car for local trips

-Optional reduced rate transfer from Bordeaux and Bergerac airports

-Optional reduced rate B and B on 5th and/or 11th Sept

Please contact Michele or Liz directly to reserve your place: